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Auburn Junior High School Counseling Office
Career Services
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                        Occupational Information:

                        Occupational Outlook Handbook:
                        The occupational outlook handbook is a reference created by the United States Bureau of Labor and statistics that tracks the trends in occupations available in the United sates. It provides such                              information as nature of the work, working conditions, job descriptions, training required to perform the job, earnings, related occupations, additional sources of information and job outlook for                              civilian and military occupations. Once you access this website click on "Search OOH A-Z Index" to search for occupations of interest.


                        Career Works Career Center:
                        The Career Work Career Center is a branch of the Workforce New York system which offers services for any job seeker (youth and adult). Services include occupational exploration, job openings,                                 counseling, apprenticeship programs, job fairs, workshops, job training opportunities and more. If you are under the age of 18 you will need to obtain permission from a parent or guardian to use                               the services available.
                        Cayuga Career Work Center
                        199 Franklin Street, Suite 204
                        Auburn, NY 13021
                        (315) 253-1590

                        Career Zone:
                        Career zone is a website created by the New York State Department of Labor. This site offers resources that are valuable to students, teachers, parents, job seekers and and career counselors and                      advisors. Students can take a self-assessment, obtain detailed information about various careers and create a personal portfolio and resume. It also provides different versions of the same                                     information so that persons with newer or older functioning computer systems can access the information. Newer systems have the ability to access exciting video clips.
                        Career Center University of North Carolina (Wilmington): [ ]
                        The Career Services at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington has created a resource to answer that age old question...What Can I Do With a Major in ...? On this site you will find a list of                          majors which will then lead you to related careers, jobs requiring additional education, related major skills, related web sites and related organizations and associations.
                        New York State Higher Education Services Corporation:
                        Visit "College & Career Planning" at to explore HESC's NY Mentor.  This site offers a comprehensive self-assessment, career information, and academic preparation tips. You can also                       compare and contrast colleges, take a campus tour and match your needs to thousands of colleges.  Students have the ability to track their academic progress, use an individualized student planner,                    and view step-by-step timelines to assist them in their career and college decision-making. This site also offered information on financial aid and the ability to apply online for federal and New York                         State aid and scholarhsips.

Auburn Enlarged City School District cannot attest to the accuracy of information provided by external linked sites. Linking to a web site does not constitute an endorsement by Auburn Enlarged City School District, or any of its administration, faculty, or staff.