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Web resourses to find articles for arcticle circles:

Job Handouts:arcticcircles0.pdf

Expedition Leader-comes up with questions the group will talk about
Detective- Finds good facts and words for group to discuss
Historian- connects information in the article to events that have happened in their lives or in history
News Photographer- creates an illustration of article along with caption
Tour Guide- Writes a good summary of article(will also share with entire class on Friday)
Mathematician- Finds any numbers in article and discusses


Kids can select their articles and receive their jobs on Monday and then close read Tuesday-Thursday. You can also give each group a different writing prompt that requires them to cite evidence from their article. After the groups are finished in their Friday circles,  the class can come together for group presentations.  he tour guide will read the summary of their article to the entire class, the person who had the best answer to the question in their individual group (voted by group) will be read by expedition leader.  One fact from detective, one historical connection, and one math number will be shared to entire class next.  It is very interesting to have the mathematician share the number before explaining and have someone from the whole group try and figure out what the number actually describes.  The group presentation will end with the illustration and caption created by the news photographer.

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