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Cornell University "Health Message Study"
Auburn Junior High School has been invited to participate in a computer based study called "Health Message Study."  It is being run by the Media Effects Lab of Cornell University's Department of Communication.  The goal of the study is to investigate how pre-teens and teens may respond to health messages.  During the study, all participating students will be invited to view cigarette labels approved by the FDA, some may include graphic photos and be gross.   If you do not want your child to participate, students will receive an OPT OUT form that parents will fill out and return to school by April 24th.  If chosen to participate and students complete the study, they will be given a $5 gift card and $5 will go to AJHS for their time and effort. Not all students will be chosen and have the option to decline.  Students will be called out of their PE classes on Wednesday, April 26th to the mobile computer lab that will be set up behind the school.
The OPT OUT form is also attached for your convenience.