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Auburn Junior High hosted a Heroin Community Panel for our students and staff. The assembly focused on the concerns of the heroin epidemic in our community.  Prevention was the main focus for students to gain knowledge and information from the speakers that will impact them to make good life decisions along with the hope to change the life of at least one person in the room.

Guest presenters from the community were Cayuga County DA Jon Budelmann, NYS Trooper Tony Gower, Director of TLC Emergency Medical Services Lon Fricano, Executive Director of CHAD Kevin Hares, Mary Driscoll, Julie Triplett and Staff Sergeant and Parent Robert Hill.

Joel Campagnola, Mr. and Mrs. John and Tina Socci and their daughter Jennifer, Mrs. Lynette Wilson, Mitchell Collins and Kristin Van Nostrand shared personal stories of tragedy and loss and hope for the future.

Our Health Teacher, Kristi Newton, organized the presentation. For more information please contact her at 315-255-8480 ext. 3484.

Please access the video here:  JH Heroin Presentation