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Join the Fight for Funding on August 2
Year after year, the Auburn Enlarged City School District has faced significant budget shortfalls due to issues with New York State’s Foundation Aid formula. Foundation aid is underfunded, it is not distributed equitably to school districts based on need, and it uses data from 2003 to determine what level of state aid each school district needs in order to operate. The loss of that funding is detrimental to the education our students receive.

The district has continued working diligently on figuring out a way to obtain the amount of Foundation Aid our students are already entitled to. We have, once again, partnered with the Central New York School Board Association (CNYSBA) to help us with this issue. Dr. Rick Timbs from the CNYSBA has been analyzing the New York State Foundation Aid formula and providing us with suggestions on the best ways to advocate to our state legislators.

Though there are many flaws with the formula, the simplest fix would be to let the original foundation formula run, as-is, and to fully fund it. The current Foundation Aid formula uses a base in the Income Wealth Index portion of the formula, which lowers the amount of aid a high needs district, such as ours, receives. If that base was removed, and the formula was allowed to run as-is, it is estimated that it would yield an additional $1.7 million per year for Auburn. If Foundation Aid was fully funded under the original formula, that would generate over $5 million more annually for the district. Therefore, we are advocating “Let it run, and fully fund!” #LetItRunAndFullyFund  

Dr. Timbs and Charles Borgognoni of the CNYSBA have been invited to attend the upcoming District Parent Council Meeting on Wednesday, August 2, at 6:30 p.m. at the Harriet Tubman Administration Building on Thornton Ave. They will conduct a presentation about how the Foundation Aid formula works, as well as give updated data on the Income Wealth Index and the base used in the formula. Members of our District Parent Council have devoted their last several meetings to this important issue, and they are spending time in the community advocating for this cause. All are welcome and encouraged to attend this meeting, and anyone with a child in the district can join the Council.